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Use of financial guidelines by head teachers in management of free primary education funds in Rachuonyo district, Kenya


Odhiambo Rodah Adoyo* and Kute .A. Berther


Department of Educational Management and Foundations, Rongo University. Kenya.


*Corresponding author. E-mail:


Accepted 2 September, 2016


Despite the bold steps taken by the government to make education affordable and by putting in place policies on free primary education evidence from credible research studies indicate that head teachers still have challenges in the use of financial guidelines. It is estimated that for the programme to succeed, it requires USD 8 billion annually. In February 2003, the government released USD.519 0000 to 17,000 primary schools, each getting about USD 280 to buy instructional materials and for general purposes. The money is entrusted in the hands of the Head Teachers who previously did not handle such large sums. Some of the primary school Head Teachers in Rachuonyo District had been demoted or interdicted for mismanagement of the schools’ funds. The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of financial management guidelines by head-teachers in the management of free primary education funds in Rachuonyo district. The objective of the study was to investigate how the Head Teachers adhered to the financial management guidelines. The study employed descriptive survey design. The study population consisted of 325 primary head teachers, one district auditor and one district quality assurance and standard officer. Simple random sampling technique was used to obtain a sample of 108 primary school Head Teachers; saturated sampling technique was used to sample one district auditor and one district quality assurance and standards officer. Questionnaires, in-depth interviews and document analysis were used for data collection. To establish the reliability of instruments, the questionnaires were piloted in schools outside the sample. The validity of the instruments was determined by presenting the instruments to 3 experts in the research methods in the faculty of education at Maseno University. Audit report on financial management was also analyzed for all the sampled schools to establish the reliability of the instruments. Quantitative data was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics by use of frequencies, percentages and then presented in the in form of tables and graphs while content analysis was used to analyze qualitative data. The study found out that Head Teachers should be trained on how to use financial guidelines. The study may assist the government to come up with better ways of helping Head Teachers and the school management committee in the management of free primary education funds.

Key words:
Head-teachers, financial guidelines, use, education, funds, Kenya.

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