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Review Paper

A potent folklore of botanical plant materials against insect pests together with their preparations and applications

Muhammad Sarwar


Nuclear Institute for Agriculture & Biology (NIAB), Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. E-mail:  


Accepted 3 September, 2016




Insect pests generally attack fruits, vegetables and crops in every season, cause severe damage to the plants and ultimately inflict high economic loss to farmers. Doubtlessly, the yield is the ultimate goal of the farmers, and therefore, the quantity and quality of the harvested farm produce depends primarily on the insect pests infestation levels along with some other factors. Pesticide applications (both synthetic and botanical) have been reported to control insect infestations and increase the yield of crop to a reasonable level. Conventional insecticides possess inherent toxicities that endanger the health of the farm operators, consumers and the environment. As a result, botanical pesticides are encouraged over broad-spectrum conventional pesticides. They affect only target pest and closely related organisms, effective in very small quantities, decompose quickly, and provide the residue free food and a safe environment to live. Since there is paucity of documented information on the use of plant extract mixtures in pest control, this article is aimed at assessing the efficacy of plant extracts for managing insect pests of plants. Plant based insecticides induce not only acute toxicity to insects, but also deterrence and repellence which may contribute to overall efficacy against some pests that cause great economic losses at the pre and post-harvest stages of the crop production. Aside this, the use of the plant products is cost effective, nontoxic to natural enemies and environmental safety is guaranteed. The information contained in the manuscript indicates that the botanical insecticide formulations have the potential to be developed as commercial products to incorporate in integrated pest management programs.


Key words: Insect pests, plant extracts, synergism, pest management, biopesticides.



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