Sky Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 6(4), pp. 078-084, July, 2017. Available online
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The impact of Fadama III on the poverty status of food crop farmers in Yobe State, Nigeria


Moses, J. D.

Department of Agricultural Economics, Adamawa State University, Mubi. E-mail:  Tel.: +2347067952522.


Accepted 17 July, 2017




This study examined the impact of National Fadama III Development Project on poverty status of participating food crop farmers in Yobe state, Nigeria. 200 respondents consisting of 100 Fadama III food crop farmers and 100 non-Fadama III were selected using Multi-stage random sampling technique. Data gathered were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as with mean, frequency distributions and inferentially with head count ratios on poverty indices and paired t-test. The result showed that poverty incidence was 0.517 for Fadama III farmers and 0.685 for non-Fadama III farmers. The poverty gap was 0.425 for Fadama III farmers and 0. 516 for non-Fadama III farmers. The paired t-test indices showed that national Fadama III Programme impacted positively and significantly on farmer participant’s income and farm size at 5.0% level of significance. The study recommended making more land available to participating farmers and increased funding to venture into new areas of investments like product processing and packaging aimed at reduction of Fadama farming household poverty level. 

Key words:
Fadama, farmer, food, crop and poverty.


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